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Christmas is just around the corner!

For Christian families, Christmas is more than just a holiday moment or a generational tradition. Christmas is a sacred celebration, a time to reflect on the meaning of the birth of Jesus Christ. And home is the best place to dig deeper into the meaning of Christmas.

The birth of Jesus reminds us of the importance of family on Christmas day. Jesus was born as a baby in a family. That’s why Christmas should start at home, together with our families.

In the middle of the hustle and busyness of Christmas preparations at church, work, or even in our communities, we must intentionally set aside time to prepare activities and strengthen connections with our loved ones at home. Make this time to prioritize moments with family, enjoy simple joy, and nurture warmth among each other.

So,  what can we do with our families during the Christmas season?

1. Family Worship
Have family worship at home, read the Bible, sing Christmas carols, and pray together to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

2. Decorate the House
Decorate your home with Christmas decorations that reflect the Christian significance, such as a Christmas tree with cross ornaments or candles, symbolizing Jesus as the light of the world. From there, we can teach our children the primary reason for Christmas.

3. Gather for Christmas Dinner
Prepare a special Christmas dinner with the family, sharing stories and giving thanks for the blessings.

4. Share Kindness with Others
Engage in acts of kindness with your family, such as donating food or giving gifts to the families who need help, or participating in SERVE THE CITY activities with your church.

5. Sing Christian Christmas Songs
Have a family music session by singing Christian Christmas songs like “O Holy Night”, “Silent Night”, Joy to the World”, and so on.

6. Create Christmas Crafts
Involve the family in making Christmas crafts, like crafting tree ornaments or Christmas cards with Bible verses. These cards can be given to other family members or even friends.

7. Watch Christian Christmas Films
Choose a Christmas movie or show with a Christian message to watch with the family, reinforcing the true meaning of Christmas.

8. Share Christmas Stories and Memories
Share Christmas memories of each family member. These moments can be filled with laughter, joy, or heartwarming reflections.

9. Play Christian Christmas Games
Create or select games that incorporate Christian values, such as board games that teach Christmas values or spiritual quizzes.

10. Family Photoshoot
Arrange a family photoshoot with a Christmas theme. It can be a beautiful memory and a personal Christmas card.

By celebrating Christmas with family, we are not only collecting precious moments of togetherness but also bring the true meaning of Christmas and Christian values into our homes. As written in the Word of God:

“The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.”

John 1:14 (NIV)

The most important message of the Christmas moment is that Jesus shows His faithfulness; He is present and dwells in our families, so His presence enables each family to always have love and live by the values of Truth.

If it is currently not possible for you to gather with your family on Christmas day, take a moment to personally reflect on the meaning of Christmas and pray for all family members.

May the peace and joy of Christmas fill every home. May the Lord Jesus bless you. Merry Christmas!

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