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“I am precious, created in Christ Jesus”, a loud repetitive shout of children was heard from the big ship of Captain Hook and Mr. Smee. In the middle of the pitch black, a light started to shine. It started to fly around the deck of the ship.

It was part of the “PRECIOUS – The Story of Peter Pan and the Lost Kids” performances, a Christmas concert produced by IFGF Kids Bandung. This event had a sequence of amazing productions, from praise and worship sessions, a performance of Peter Pan and the Lost Kids, and a sermon session. A total of 1350 tickets were distributed and around 250 volunteers were involved in the making of this precious concert.

The event started with a group of kids doing Christmas carols right in front of the main hall door, entertained every guest with more than 3 Christmas songs. The enthusiasm of the attendees were seen as they enjoyed the performance and ran with excitement entering the main hall door at the open gate time. Inside, they were welcomed by two hosts of the event who greeted them cheerfully.

After minutes passed by, the singers and music team came to the stage and led a praise and worship session. It was such a heartwarming moment to see some kids jumping happily for Jesus and raising their hands during worship, expressing their hearts for God.

The event continued with the performance of Peter Pan and the lost kids. The story was adapted from the original Peter Pan. The narrative was changed to deliver a powerful message of how we are created in the image of God, perfect, and God has great plans for each one of us. The storyline was about Peter Pan and the Darling family rescued the lost kids from the wrong path of life, because they followed Captain Hook and Mr. Smee. The narrative was delivered with stunning visuals, including choreography, costumes, background media, lighting, along with meticulously crafted props and decorations. The musicality was wonderful as well. Songs like “O Come, All Ye Faithful”, “Fly to Your Heart”, “10 Little Indians”, and the original soundtrack of this concert, called “The Jolly Roger” were beautifully arranged, adding to the overall beauty of the performances.

Ps. Michelle Efferin, the pastor of IFGF Kids Bandung as well as one of the directors of this concert shared what’s in her heart about this Peter Pan’s story. She chose Peter Pan as a story adaptation because it is simple, visually appealing, fun for kids, and everybody loves it. For the narrative’s inspiration, it came from her realization that after the pandemic, children quickly receive information and it affects their ways of thinking especially about self image, mental health, and genders. Through the Christmas celebration this year, Ps. Michelle had a vision to remind children about the truth of their identity and values in God. With a hope that viewers could receive the message of the story with enjoyable visual production, therefore, a lot of preparation was involved in this concert. Story and script development were started in June, continued with more consideration in July for the event details, and practices for casts and other performers in August until December.

Ps. Michelle also shared how amazing the work of God from the very beginning until the end of this event. Everything went smoothly, there was no conflict in the team. From the creative team, PIC from each department, song makers, script writer, directors, decoration and props team, production, lighting – everyone did it out of love and gave their best. An interesting fact about the lighting settings, it took 3-4 hours for only one scene. She then continued, “I could see the sacrifice and how everyone gave their best. It is for one goal, to give all the best for the Lord.”

Even though an unexpected thing happened in the event, and she thought it was out of control, but she could see that God was still in control. Someone also shared a testimony of this event, how she could feel a glimpse of God’s heart for the children during prayer for the kids after the sermon. She felt strongly how much God loves the kids.

This concert was truly a blessing for others. A powerful message from the Word of God was delivered beautifully with a touch of creativity. It is clearly seen how we can honor Him through gifts and talents He has given to each one of us. All glory to God!

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