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Throughout November 2023, IFGF churches from different regions held water baptism. Sixty three people received Jesus Christ as the Savior and made public declarations of their faith.

On the first Sunday of this month, baptism took place at IFGF Wellington, one of the churches in New Zealand, where an individual received the new life in Christ. In Indonesia, other baptism were held at IFGF Cinta Damai, located in the city of Duri, Riau province, where four people committed to follow Jesus. 

In the second week of November, IFGF Lolak baptized a new follower of Christ. On November 11, IFGF Padang held baptism for six individuals. On November 19, IFGF Bandung baptized four people. Within the same day, baptism took place in another part of the world, IFGF Urdu London, where six people gave their lives to Christ. 

On November 25, 2023, baptism took place in two different regions. Two people publicly declared their faith at IFGF Auckland, and eight people from IFGF Kinabalu Sabah made the decision to follow Jesus. The following day, IFGF Filipino City Park held baptism for four souls, while IFGF Semarang baptized nine individuals. The next day, IFGF Surabaya baptized twelve individuals, while IFGF Wiyung baptized four souls. In the same week, IFGF Sorong celebrated two individuals who embraced the new life in Christ.

All glory to God for these amazing reports! Our hearts are filled with gratitude and joy as we see our brothers and sisters entering the next step of their spiritual journey with Jesus.  

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