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On November 25, 2023, IFGF Kids Bandung held a seminar, Mental Health 101, which was attended by 74 participants ranging from grade 4 to 6. The seminar featured Jostein Adams as the speaker, who delivered insightful content across two sessions. The primary goal of this event was to raise mental health awareness, give information about mental well-being, and encourage the attendees to have a healthy social life.

The first session covered a range of topics. It started with three different aspects of health: physical, mental, and spiritual. Jostein emphasized the importance of cultivating healthy habits in daily life and stated how these habits can positively impact mental, physical, and spiritual health. He also talked about the importance of understanding and managing emotions, also continuing with presenting a chart of 25 different emotions and inviting two children to name their current emotions from the chart. During this exercise, it was clearly seen how the chart helped them to recognize their emotions effectively. Jostein also highlighted how God responds to emotions by looking at some Bible verses. The first session ended with some practical tips for managing emotions.

Following the first session, every kid received an assessment paper to complete. These instructions and questions facilitated them for self-reflection about their emotions and mental health. Some teachers from the kids ‘ church were present to assist attendees in completing the assessments.

In the second session, Jostein focused on helping the participants to understand themselves better and their potential. He also encouraged them to contribute to the community, beginning with their families, by offering help with household chores, expressing their feelings through words, and giving appreciation to their family members. The speaker also talked about the issue of bullying. He gave further understanding about bullying and explained the various reasons behind such behavior. 

Jostein motivated the attendees to be a good friend for each other, be a good listener, and choose to love and have compassion instead of spreading negativity. By the end of the session, Jostein presented some indicators list of mental health problems and encouraged them to seek help when they recognized those signs.

This seminar was very interactive and informative for all attendees. Jostein led each session very well, actively engaging with the children through questions and giving some snacks. Thank you, IFGF Kids Bandung and Jostein Adams for raising awareness about mental health, equipping the children to understand themselves better, and encouraging them to be good friends for others.

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