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Kids Christmas Celebration 2020

Christmas celebrations in 2020 are nothing like we have ever experienced before. We are unable to gather in a large group to reduce the risks of Covid-19 transmission especially for the high risk groups. Thus, IFGF decided to hold Kids Christmas Celebrations through online platforms.

Some IFGF churches in Indonesia held their Kids Christmas celebrations through YouTube. IFGF Kids Bandung had a musical drama titled “Alice in Wonderland” which was streamed through YouTube on December 13. The production was supported by kids, teens and adults of IFGF Bandung and the whole process was done in The House. Alice in Wonderland was started with praise & worship before the musical drama itself and a short sermon by Ps. Sam Hartanto. Ps. Sam talked about having a purpose and destination in life. Living in accordance with God’s purpose will help us to focus on the future. We should know that our past doesn’t determine our future and we will plan our lives with the destination in mind. A God’s filled purpose is worth the price that we have to pay.

On December 19 at 7 p.m., IFGF Kids Semarang held an interactive musical drama. Even though the event was broadcasted through YouTube, the kids could participate in this detective/mystery drama called “Detective Torch & the Bright Bunch: The Mystery of Alex’s Missing Christmas Lights”. Detective Kits were distributed to IFGF Semarang’s kids before December 19 so they could participate in solving the mystery. After the drama, Miss Mitha shared a short gospel message. Miss Mitha reminded the viewers that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus in our hearts. Although this year we have to spend Christmas at home, it should not decrease the joy of Christmas because Jesus is more than enough for us as we receive Jesus in our hearts.

On December 20, IFGF Kids Surabaya held their online Christmas celebration. Just as their regular Kids Church service, their Christmas celebration was divided into 2 categories, Preschool (0-6 years old) and Primary (7-12 years old). Miss Meli opened the celebration and continued with praise, worship and drama. The word of God was also shared by Miss Meli, where she talked about “Jesus is the reason for Christmas”. The essence of Christmas is Jesus and not presents, celebrations or holiday.

On the same day IFGF Kids Jakarta had their online Christmas celebration through IFGF Kids YouTube channel. The celebration started with a special performance from the Teach Indonesian School who sang “Light of Christmas”. Then Ps. Ancela Gunawan (IFGF Global Director for Kids) gave an opening remark and announced the winner of the Tree Challenges. A drama called “Christmas Blessing” and a short teaching were next on the program. The message from this Christmas celebration was that Christmas is more than a present. God is giving us 3 presents on Christmas;

  1. The Immanuel: We shall not fear for God is with us
  2. The Saviour: We can enter heaven when we receive the Saviour
  3. The Shepherd: God is our good shepherd who will always guide, sustain, take care and fulfill our needs.

We can live a fulfilling life with God. He provides joy and victory if we choose to reside with Him. In this Christmas season, let us ponder upon the essence of Christmas and let us help our kids to understand the true meaning of Christmas. 

 She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.

– Matthew 1:21-


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