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The Growth of IFGF Ende, Indonesia

The Growth of IFGF Ende, Indonesia

IFGF Ende is located in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia and this church is experiencing continual growth. Many things have happened and still many things are being prayed for, such as the construction of the church building of IFGF Ende.

On Monday, August 8, IFGF Ende started the construction for their church building. Started with the perimeter foundation for the parking lot which still requires 20 trucks of dirt, iron, cement, bricks, and sand. IFGF Ende asks for your prayers to support this construction process.

Still in August, on the 12th IFGF Ende held a special service for the youths, together with several other charismatic churches in the area. A discussion session on nationalism was held, and ended with a prayer walk around the city. On August 14, the mission department also held an outreach for the lost.

On August 24, IFGF Kids Ende had a special event in an orphanage in which the kids from IFGF Ende shared and showed their care with the kids in the orphanage. They held a short service with the orphans and prayed for the kids, as well as for the guardians. The event was fully supported by the parents who donated groceries and personal toiletries for the orphanage. Donations for the orphanage also came from church members and people outside the church.

Let us especially pray for the construction of the new church building so it can go well. Let us also pray for IFGF Ende so they can be fruitful and their fruits can be enjoyed by everyone in the community.

“Blessed is he that considereth the poor:
the Lord will deliver him in time of trouble.”

– Mazmur 41: 1 –


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