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Super Sunday

Super Sunday is IFGF Sunday Service to celebrate the goodness of God through the Gospel of Christ. Everyone from different walks of life is welcome to worship Him together as a community. There're more than 3000 IFGF Churches worship together across the globe each week and you're welcome.


A intimate small communities, iCare, are the central of our church, a fellowship that share and support each other in experiencing God in everyday life and sharing the good news to their communities. You're welcome in this community. Let's join us to grow in Christ together.


Life will be easier if it comes with an instruction. IFGF Grow helps us to learn the right way to apply the Gospel for our spiritual growth. Come, Grow, Serve, Lead modules are the discipleship journey for us to know Christ and His fullness.

Our Ministries



We believe that children who experienced God will become the light of the world. So we would like to invite you and your children to join us in the fun and interactive fellowship where they can grow in faith.

IFGF TYC (Teen, Youth, College)

Young adults (Teen, Youth and College) are the energy that moves the world. At IFGF TYC, we would like to spark your youthful spirit so you can be more than the agent of change, but become the agent of God, one who become blessing to others.


A man, husband, and father needs encouragement and guidance to become the priest, provider and protector of the family. That is the reason this community exists. IFGF Men is a vessel for men to maximize their callings and duties in family and friendships.


Happy Wife, Happy Home. This is the main reason for women services and Conference in various cities. Through this ministries, women are empowered to find their calling in God to be a strong pillar for their family and community.


Shoutouts to all who are passionate in serving God through music and creative arts, we would like you to join us in IFGF Praise to build an engaging and impactful service to help people connect with God and make disciples.


Communication with God is an integral part of growing in faith. Thus we encourage you to participate in the IFGF Pray and in turn become a house of prayer in your family, workplace, and community.


IFGF Marketplace is a community for businessmen and professionals who love the Word of God and believe that Biblical principals are relevant and needed in the business and professional world. Various business and leadership seminars are held to help professionals to discover God’s vision for their work and businesses.