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The churches in the Pakistan region stand out with their remarkable growth progress. Currently, there are 114 IFGF churches in this country, and there will be more churches established in the future.

From January 15 to 22, 2024, Pastor Evan Tjandra, the Vice General Secretary of IFGF Global, had the opportunity to visit various 18 IFGF Churches across the country. During his visit, he was accompanied by Pastor Justin Javed, who is the Vice President of the Pakistan Region, as well as Pastor Gulraiz, Pastor Imran Ejaz, and Pastor Sohail. So many individuals were blessed and empowered by this mission trip.

Day 1

The mission started in IFGF Peshawar, located near Afghanistan, where tight security checkposts were in place. During this visit, Ps. Evan Tjandra also had the privilege of connecting with several Pastors from IFGF Parachinar & IFGF Tal. A challenge during this mission journey appeared when the areas of Parachinar and Alizai were inaccessible due to security concerns linked to the presence of the Taliban.

Day 2

Ps. Evan continued the journey by visiting IFGF Gujranwala, IFGF Gujarat, IFGF Sialkot, IFGF Lahore, and IFGF Wagda, located on the East Border with India. Strict security measures were also in place in the area. During the visit, Ps. Evan visited three churches in the region, where in the near future, more new churches will be established in the Wagda area.

Day 3

Three new IFGF churches in Jaranwala also received visits during this journey. This area had significant challenges experienced by the local Christian community, where a total of 64 churches in the region were tragically burned to the ground in August 2023.

Day 4-5

The mission continued with several visits to IFGF Faisalabad, IFGF Beracah, IFGF Sikander, and IFGF Toba Tek Singh within two days. The team initiated Drum Farming programs, aimed at the prosperity of the congregation and the community around the area.

Day 6-7

On the next day, Ps. Evan visited the newest IFGF church in Pakistan, IFGF Mianwali. On the last day of the mission trip, a gathering for Pastors and Leaders took place in FGF Islamabad, focusing on the theme ALIVE IN CALLING 2024. Approximately 110 attended this inspirational and empowering event.

Throughout the mission, almost 2000 individuals were profoundly impacted as they received prayers, healing, and breakthroughs in their lives. They were empowered to become Disciplemakers by taking part in the Discipleship Journey, starting from Come, Grow, Serve, and Lead. They were also encouraged to open new iCare, with the goal of nurturing disciples and cultivating new leaders.

There was significant progress in the construction of gathering places for IFGF churches in some areas of Pakistan. It was noted that with $1000 could build a single-floor hall capable of accommodating 100-150 people for Sunday services, which would also serve as a Discipleship Center during weekdays.

It is amazing to see the growth in various churches across the Pakistan area. These visits gave insights into the growth and challenges experienced by the Christian community in the region. Let us unite in prayer for their protection and the advancement of God’s Kingdom in Pakistan.

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