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IFGF Padang, located in the Padang Barat district, West Sumatra Province, Indonesia, held several events in March, including a Child Dedication and a visit to a nursing home.

The Sunday service on March 17, 2024, was a special and heartwarming moment, where the warmth of prayers accompanied two children during the Child Dedication ceremony. After the sermon, the two children and their families were invited to the stage, accompanied by Ps. Indra and the pastoral team of IFGF Padang. Ps. Indra then prayed for each one of the children. This moment was certainly a blessing for the children, families, and all the congregation.

To extend the reach of the church’s ministry, IFGF Padang organized a compassionate social action, where several church congregants visited the Wisma Cinta Kasih nursing home, located in the Padang Timur district. In this warm visit, a team consisting of 10 to 15 IFGF Padang congregants was present to bless the elderly at the care home. Various activities were carried out during this ministry, including inviting the elderly to sing praise and worship songs together, distributing food, and praying together. The elderly at the care home were joyful from the visit of IFGF Padang congregants.

The activities did not stop there. IFGF Padang was committed to continuing this ministry regularly by conducting periodic visitations to maintain a close relationship with the elderly to provide support, prayers, and also provide communion for those who may no longer be able to come to church.

Undoubtedly, the work of God’s hands in this church was remarkable. Let us continue to unite in prayer for the growth and ministry of IFGF Padang.

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