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Building a leadership team is essential in running an organization, including in the church environment. Therefore, on March 09-11, 2024, Ps. Erna Iskandar as the VP of Region 12, held a Leaders Gathering for the area of West Kalimantan in Pontianak city.

This Leaders Gathering was attended by 30 participants from various IFGF churches in West Kalimantan. 18 participants represented IFGF Sintang, 10 individuals from IFGF Pontianak, and IFGF Enserumbak-Mukok was represented by 2 people.

The first day began with a presentation of topics by Ps. Erna Iskandar, discussing the theme “Alive in Calling” (Joshua 2:7-11) where each church needed the 3Ms: building Momentum by providing Mobilization through every iCare so that Movement occurs in the growing congregation. Ps. Ridwan Pane, the Senior Pastor of IFGF Sintang, also provided insights on “Building Cooperation within the Team” in the next session.

On the second day, Ps. Erna Iskandar led the next session by presenting material titled “Leadership Development.” This session discussed the topic of the 7Cs: Content, Clarity, Character, Continuity, Charisma, Communication, Christ, and Center. Then, the event continued with reports from each church about the development plans being implemented and the challenges faced.

The third day was the highlight of the Leaders Gathering event, where all participants visited the Equator Monument and spent time together before returning to their respective places.

This event greatly blessed the participants, where they could gather together and listen to the experiences of ministry from each attending leader. In addition, they also received encouragement to become solid team members. The training provided by Ps. Erna Iskandar and Ps. Ridwan Pane equipped the participants to become leaders who dare to take risks, be proactive, and maintain a structured approach to serving others.

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