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17th anniversary of ifgf palu

To celebrate the anniversary of IFGF Palu, the church volunteers organized a competition for the congregation on November 3, 2023. This event took place in the area of the church and was attended by enthusiastic church members and leaders. 

The celebration continued with a church service on November 5, 2023. This event had a sequence of activities, including Holy Communion and joyful celebration, reflecting on the seventeen years of ministry at IFGF Palu. Pastor Dr. Ko Agung Susilo M.Th, the senior pastor of IFGF Palu, participated as a speaker in this event. He expressed his gratitude to all the leaders and members who have remained faithful in serving God and being the members of IFGF Palu. He also shared about his hope for IFGF Palu to be a blessing to the city of Palu and to glorify the name of the Lord.

Then, on November 10, 2023, was the peak of the event, celebrating God’s guidance for IFGF Palu over seventeen years. It was also the 73rd birthday celebration for Pastor Dr. Ko Agung Susilo M.Th, as the senior pastor of IFGF Palu. The event featured Martinus Bonggili as the speaker and Pastor Hans Limbara from GPdi Pedati Palu led a prayer for the senior pastor of IFGF Palu.

Happy 17th anniversary to IFGF Palu!

“We hope that IFGF Palu can the light and salt to the city of Palu and serve as a blessing, equipping a new generation for the glory of the Lord.”

– Pastor Dr. Ko Agung Susilo M.Th (Senior Pastor of IFGF Palu) –
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