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IFGF Auckland celebrated its 17th Anniversary with a theme called “Blooming” on February 18, 2024. During preparation, the event team successfully turned the church lobby area into a beautiful garden. Inside the auditorium, the Kids Department presented a performance with cheerful songs and dance, followed by a special video showcasing IFGF Auckland’s journey from the past until the present day, along with special wishes from the pastoral team. The event also highlighted the milestones achieved by IFGF Auckland over the past 17 years and expressed gratitude for God’s faithfulness to the church.

Pastor Yopie Mantiri from IFGF Sydney attended the celebration and encouraged the congregation through his insightful sermon, celebrating 17 years since he planted the first seed at IFGF Auckland. This event was also a blessing for IFGF Auckland as they could celebrate this special occasion alongside IFGF Hamilton, family, friends, and all newcomers, bringing the total attendance to 170 people.

Happy 17th anniversary, IFGF Auckland!

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